Friday, June 29, 2012

Brandy & Melville - Via del Corso

If your shopping in Via del Corso don't miss this store!!! This is the window you see from the street. It looks really small, BUT there's a small stairway down to a huge basement, with lots of goodies - so don't miss out! If you find the stairway a bit claustrophobic, you can always turn the corner where you can find  this entrance:

Recommended!!! I've written about this store before here - they've also opened another small one close by, in Via Frattina (another good shopping street you don't wanna miss...) 
It's just off Via del Corso, near the spanish steps.

Happy Shopping!

Thursday, June 28, 2012

pink hair!

Pink Monroecat eyes in Dior Addict AdCarnation pink

          navy and pink      pink


lauren conrad with pink hair     

The latest hair trend! What do you think? Pink?! Gwen Stefani was a head of time rocking pink hair back in 1999. These pic of Marilyn Monroe is of course edited, but I think she looks amazing! Other celebs sporting the trend is Katy Perry, Kelly Osbourne, Pink of course(!) and Lily Allen.. the list goes on... Latest chicks to get their hair dipped in pink is lovely Lauren Conrad - who looks pretty cool. And the gorgeous January Jones with bubblegum colored highlights. L.O.V.E

Tuesday, June 12, 2012

La vita è...

Life is beautiful! Especially in Rome...the most beautiful city there is!
Pictures from my instagram account... I seek refugee from the heat under the palms in in Villa Torlonia a gorgeous park near my place. Preferably with a cold white wine, a friend or 2.. or simply the company of a good book...La vita è bella! 

pssst! I'm called MyRomanStyle on Instagram...
follow me there to see my Roman snapshots!


My outfit from instagram @iselinsdreams...dotty thights gifted from my lovely friend Rosalia for my bithday, when I was in London 2 years ago...the shoes and shorts are from H&M. I like that the ballerinas look like real ballet slippers. I used to dance ballet for many years...and I still love the ballet-style, pinks, skirts, tights, sweats, shoes - pretty much everything!  pic via / last one by hjartesmil, from a marked in Paris <3

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