Friday, October 5, 2012


kinda hate my #phone for deleting all my contacts, cool pics and apps!!! 
But least It's #Burgundy the color for fall

#I #think #personality #is #what #style is all about! window @ indiska

pics and comments from my insta account.

 I lost my beloved //or hated  phone.
Again...but what can u do?! I try not to attach myself to much to simple 'things' people are so much more important. It's actually a good reminder...I knew that I was really addicted to it. Surfing online whenever I had a spear moment or bored and unable to sleep... looking through pics on Instagram and checking my facebook...sooo time consuming...but so fun, or is it more of a stressfactor? like "I've got to insta this and that and update my whatever.." I guess we really need our off time to be 'off' and away, and not logged on constantly...well while I'm on a "forced" app-break due 2 my lack of phone (..well luckily my old pink nokia is still with me <3 ..)  I'll leave u with some insta pics for now - or some #instafashion### gotta hashtag it;) hahaha, is it already retro..? How long will this mania last??!



and p.s YES u can follow me @myromanstyle, enjoy my instas, I'll be back soon lovers;-)

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