Monday, October 15, 2012

Torno subito!

I'm back. After a long and exhaustive week of family-visits I have the time to turn on my computerOutside it's been lightening and thunder all evening, with heavy rainfall....I've been lying in bed the hole evening and intend to stay here for a loooong time. I've been running (&read: biking) everywhere in the city from lectures on Gianicolo to various monuments around the city - tour guiding - translating - the list goes on.... I'm forever grateful for this special time spent together - I've been trying to treasure the moment, but organizing everything is quite stressful especially in a city as stressful as Rome can be... But I think my family has enjoyed their time immensely! Many nice memories has been created - and I'm especially glad my 85 year old grandma was able to come. She's phenomenal. Walking everywhere in the city, singing, dancing on bridges, walking into every shop - never wanting to go home! Which resulted in a Saturday night out in Trastevere...with a wine bar visit after dinner, with a nightly walk not planned... trying to to catch a cab. Incredible. I can only hope I live to be her age, and be blessed with such a health!

See u soon, I have loads of pictures to go through...blogging material : check!


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