Tuesday, December 25, 2012

Xmas card from Rome



...The Christmas tree in front of Piazza Venezia and the market at Piazza Navona...I didn't have much time to snap the decorations before I left Rome, but at least I got a few... You know Christmas = Stress. Such a shame as I would have loved to appreciate it all to the fullest, but being busy it's good too, in a way. I guess mental peace will be my mantra in 2013 after a stressful Autumn. At least now I'm de-stressing at home <3 hoping I'll blog more in the New year. Cheers to new inspiration ;) Anyways, Happy holidays and all the best for the New year!!!
 ***Merry Xmas from the Eternal City***
Buon natale dalla città eterna


  1. Kjempefine bilder. :) Håper du har hatt en fantastisk jul!


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